Saturday, April 16, 2011

Match News

Campos fc trashed braveheart fc by 4-0.just 2mins into the match Emeka Ogbu was brought down by the braveheart goalkeeper and a penalty was awarded to Campos fc which was taken by Osuji Amara but was played straight to the goalkeeper.Brave started to play well after the spot kick but a powerful shot by Anaele sunny broke the deadlock on the 34 mins given campos fc a 1-0 lead.The game continued until the 40th min when Ogbu Emeka got a penetrating pass from Onyewuoto Chinonso,he skillfully and stylishly beat 5 braveheart defenders before shooting the ball into the net,1st half ended 2-0.
After 15mins of rest the 2nd half kicked off and only 54 mins into the half Ogbu Emeka fullfilled his promise by scrambling in his second goal and 3rd for Camposfc,finally in the 79th min Sunny Anaele repeated his whistling shot which flew pass the goalkeeper to seal the match.
Campos fc have qualified for the quater final stage and are expected to play the winner of the match between Patros fc vs Iwundu fc on the 28 of April.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Light update

Darkness still grip umuagwu as the armoured cable in the transformer got burnt extremely.Youth in the area a fighting tooth and nail to make sure dat they solve the light problem before the easter season.All taxable adults of the area has been asked to pay fees to foster the speedy replacement of the cable.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Top news of the day

There has been blackout in Umuagwu since the 26th of march due to a cut on one of the wires feeding electricity to that part of the village,members of the electrical committee are trying their best to see to the repair of the wire but people of Umugawu think they are slow in solving the problem.
The formation of a unified youth organisation in owalla has been the major talk of the town,youths from the six villages welcome this wonderful gesture and wait seriously for the inauguration of the organisation.the president Umuagwu youth association mr Charles said its a welcomed gesture that needs the co-operation of all owalla citizens to help make it a success.our thanks goes to the entire OTDU excos for their great knowledge and effort towards the success of this wonderful innovation.
A new look has been giving to the primary health center in Owalla,suitable building with comfortable wards and beds has been provided and in addition to this tremendous gesture to health centre was provided a generator set and an ambulance to fully complete the needed infastructure in the great town of owalla.